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What we offer

Little bit more than just a repair

We offer: Built in Appliance Services, Residential Appliance Services, Commercial Appliance Services, and Appliance repair / services.

Residential Appliance Services

All household have at least one or more appliances. And every know and then they need service. With Appliance Pro's of CA, you can expect reliable and long lasting appliance repair and service.

Appliance Installation

Properly installed appliance can have night and day effect on the performance of any appliance. Especially refrigerators and washer. Most of all properly installed appliance can ensure safety for your household. During your purchase of a new appliance or after, call Appliance Pro's of CA to ensure it was installed safely. We offer appliance installation on just about every appliance. Including refrigerator installation, washer/dryer installation… and more.

Servicing Area

Whether you live in Orange County, LA County or Ventura County, we have a technician in your area for your appliance repair and service needs.

Appliance Pro’s of CA do our best to provide the best service possible... Any questions, concerns, need assistance, or in the event a repair fails or additional service is required. Please contact our office immediately at (866) 541-0181 or E-mail:

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